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NBA Hang Time
(never released)

auch bekannt als: NBA Hangtime / NBA Jam 3 (unofficial)

Fanart Cover
 Entwickler:High Voltage Software
 Genre:Sport Basketball
 erschienen für:Windows PCPlayStationNintendo 64
PlayStation Screenshots: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6
Magazine scans:
Announcement: Old High Voltage Software Website
Ad: GamePro
History of Games: Actual High Voltage Software Website

Developer´s view:
Carl-Henrik Skårstedt (Lead Programmer N64 version @ Funcom):
I didn't realize that Hang Time Saturn never shipped. I know they worked on it at High Voltage Software and it was the same team as PlayStation and N64, so it must have been cancelled pretty late. Probably not much of a mystery, team might be behind schedule and Midway decides that it wouldn't be profitable to release the Saturn version later.

SEGA Saturn alpha/beta/release candidate:

PlayStation YouTube Video by aznpikachu215

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